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CMN 3104 Lecture Notes - Existentialism

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CMN 3104
Dina Salha

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CMN 3104: Lecture #5 Jan 23 2013
January 23rd 2014- Absent this class
CMN 3014- Women and the Media: Theories and Approaches
In the area of social and political philosophy:
Feminist philosophy focus on the political institutions and social practices that perpetuate women’s
Talking about rape culture, prostitution, etc. (Sometimes victim is victimized further as she has to prove
why she was not asking for it)
Feminists in this area argue some institutions perpetuate these ideologies and are not progressive therefore
they do not put forth women’s experiences and acceptable environment
By labeling and covering criminal cases and stories, it becomes a psychological individual problem versus a
social issue (moving blame from society to one individual as to not challenge the system)
Most common streams
Liberal: provide women with the same educational and occupational opportunities that men have
(question of access)
Equality of access and equality of participation (we have not yet reached the equality of outcome)
Marxist: Women should enter the workforce en masse and domestic work and childcare are socialized
Work in private sphere should be considered work as well (house work)
Hegemonic mentality (not part of Marxist view but mentioned): that house work is natural
It always depends on who speaks for what in media
Radical: Fundamental causes of the oppression of women is sexual
Looking at gender division of labor, gender roles
All segregation and missed opportunities and life chances based on sex
Psychoanalytic: Women’s subordination is the result of early childhood experiences (Freud)
Bourgeois family
Theory of castration: Boy identifies with Father due to fear of castration, girl identifies with mother as
primary caregiver with unconditional love
Woman compensates for lack of penis by having intercourse followed by a child (first level
Unconditional love that is nourishing to child becomes the cause of labeling the mother as the source of the
fear of castration because the child depends completely on mother. The mother inhales and, therefore
destroys, the male child’s ego and therefore is the source of suffocation of male child (Second level)
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