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Lecture 7

CMN 3104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Hymen, Virginity, Binary Opposition

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CMN 3104
Dina Salha

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Lecture 7
Intimate Relationships Space, Gender, Bodies, and
!The salon is a place of alteration
!You transform yourself at a salon
!You improve yourself in some aspect for your own and some sort of
!You deconstruct yourself, play with your body
!You make it what is thought to be beautiful to you or the
expectations of the society
!You rearrange yourself, textile, canvas…our skin becomes the
textile or canvas through which we express ourselves
!We can argue at one point that actually this particular shop (salon)
is a place where you can hide form all the expectations.
o!Women can be who they want to be and act as themselves
o!Also, women at this place alter themselves according to
particular expectations
o!Women go in salon in order to appear a certain way when
they go out…based on particular social expectation
!Caramel in a particular way reproduces hegemonic ideologies and
these ideologies are particularly ideals of virginity
o!E.g. restitching the hymen.
!Subjectification – Foculat
!Ideologies are reproduced within the movie
o!The idea of virginity and virginal
Three points
!1-Shop as the place of alterations and transformations that
physically deconstruct, rearrange, and treat the body as a
field/textile of social expectations (performance).
o!Shop as a place that denies male power- debatable
o!Men look, women appear
o!Connected to idea of pleasure and desire
o!Pleasure from pain
o!Revisited themes:
o!Skin as an exchange value in pre-determined social relations.
o!Fabric as domination (patriarchal)
o!Fashion as symbolic
o!Body politics
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!2-Skin as fabric and fabric as an extension of skin: stitching
the virginal identities and ideologies.
o!Skin as fabric and vice versa
o!The idea of being virginal as a central point
!3-Subjectification of female bodies as mending the dominant
social fabric
o!The ideology of virginity
o!Moulded by the norm
o!Withdrawal from the private
!How do you maintain the system of ideological domination without
endangering your survival in that system
!Idea of looking so desired but not physically apply my desire
!How to maintain that social fabric that maintains that particular
status quo
!Looking at the most private space: your body
!These ideologies seem to invade most private of spaces, your body
!In the movie this space seems to be concentrated on the skin as
the symbol of the fabric of the society
!As long as that particular part of the skin, hymen, is intact, then the
social fabric will be held together
Skin becoming textile, the extension of the textile, the fabric as
well, the clothes become the extension of the skin
Skin in this movie becomes an extension of the social fabric and
how society is put together
When you look how women are resisting the ideologies as virginal,
what kind of resistance is there?
!Access, participation and outcome: Lebanese woman
!How gender works as a social fabric
!It is social responsibility to be virginal because it has economic
!The ideal of the virginal becomes a cultural setting.
!It’s a good reputation
!It means that they are going to attract the right groom, with the
right sorts of assets
!Going up the social ladder and social security
!Virginity as a social fabric that is put together in a particular way
!Comes with reputation, security, social security
!Virginity becomes a part of the economic system. That’s why skin
becomes extension of the social fabric.
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