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Lecture 9

CMN 3104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Victoria And Albert Museum, Arab Culture, Quran

Course Code
CMN 3104
Dina Salha

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Lecture 9
Guest Lecture: Andrew Gayed
Nationalism Gender, Sexuality, Political Art and Identity
Orientalist paintings
Lalia Essaydi, Les Femmes Du Morac: Grande Od…
!The dirty of the peasant, poor Arab
!The gaze
!Gaze vs. looking
!She is available for us to look at and object it
Youssef Nabil, Malik Sleeping, Paris 2005
!A man laying down with pants below his bum
!Idea of vulnerability, even though it Malik (a man)
!Radical photos
!Men in the media
!The idea of power and dominance
!Gender segregation is present
!Idea of gaze penetrating
Gender segregation becomes relevant in those tender lesbian love scenes in
those photographs.
While middle eastern imagery being interrogated we have gender norms
Ghade Amer, Private Rooms, sculpture installation, 1998
!Hanging garment bags
!Made of silk
!There’s embroidery on it
o!It is all the verses on the Koran about women
o!Its embroidered in the fabric in every other language but
!Idea of the transnational
!How she was experiencing her culture in different cultures
!Idea of silk we see it throughout very commonly in European
!Transnationalism in commerce, consumerism
o!Process of integration in other cultures
!Medium (of using fabric) and how the ideology is engrained in that
!When you look at it, someone might not be able to read/understand
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