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Lecture 5

CMN 3104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Political Movement, Making Money

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CMN 3104
Dina Salha

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Lecture 2
In-class Video
!Political movement
!Changing the process of women and men.
!Feminism is a profound movement.
!Women are scared to call themselves feminists.
!People can’t seem to imagine a male female relationship as equal.
White dominated, global movement.
Cultural ways, class, control of body
Prostitution, abortion, the role of the media which was important.
Ownership of the body
Who owns one’s body
Its who decides for that person how to use their body and how to control
their body
Values adopted
What is making you make a decision?
Elements and factors of socialization
What is the role of language?
How its related to segregation?
How its related to limited life opportunities?
Just because they can speak for themselves, oppose the norm they are
labeled as deviant or negative. E.g. Lesbian
!That word if placed on someone they’re going to be excluded,
marginalized and they’re going to miss on opportunity that others
won’t miss.
Language categories, segregates.
When they talk about media and language circulated, how they frame
particular issues
!That women are never actually portrayed as unified
!They’re put as against each other, fighting, in divide and conquer
!When they are placed against each other in popular culture and
there’s always somebody who’s going to take rational decision
between them.
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