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Lecture 1

CMN3105 Lecture 1: Philosophical Ethics and Media Bias

Course Code
CMN 3105
Stuart Chambers

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Lecture 1
Philosophical Ethics and Media Bias
Ethical deliberation in media
What founds their particular discussion
There’s a reason for every single mood
Philosophical ethics and media bias
Philosophical ethics are ought talks
!What should we do
!What ought we do here
Ethics begins when elements of our moral system collide
Ethics does not demand duties
Ethical systems are little more involved, they’re more like debates
Moral systems tell you what to do
Ethical systems have to work it out
Same sex marriage is just simply wrong – David Warren
Exchanging sex for money is “intrinsically wrong” – something you are
doing is always wrong.
What’s right is what’s important
The right is given priority over the good
The right is always prior to the good
It always gets priority
The right is better than the left
Rhetoric may sound eloquent without possessing much substance.
The right is dependent on the good
!they want to see the outcome first then decide right and wrong
If you base the law on consequences
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