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Lecture 1

CMN 3109 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Frankfurt School, Public Sphere, Pragmatism

Course Code
CMN 3109
Dina Salha

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Lecture 1
Public sphere, communication and democracy are related
Focus on schools of thought
!J. Habermas school of thought in particular
Habermas is a German philosopher
Ideational network
!is a map of thought and influences and contributions
who influenced the thoughts of Herbmas?
!Nazi German Politics
!Frankfurt School of thought
He looks into public sphere and democracy
Theory is not just about perception or an opinion, theory has a particular
take on how societies organize and what’s the role of individuals in the
society and the role of media in the society.
Each theory has a set of understanding about the society and the role of
communication and individuals in the media
Quiz 1 & 2
!Short answers – half a page
!2 questions
!1 question comes form the readings
!2nd question will come from the lecture
Group work:
o!What case
o!Annotated bib 5 minimum
!!Describe these sources
o!5 pages all together
o!due oct 28 by noon
o!Analyze what’s happening
o!Between nov 25 – dec 2
!Final paper
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