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Lecture 2

CMN3174 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Gang Bang, Dolce & Gabbana, Rape Culture

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Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 2
Culture codes matter
!Ad industry is very smart in those terms
Rape culture in ads
!D&G ad (the gang bang ad)
Irving Goffman study of body language
!Women masturbating (correct)
!Men masturbating (wrong)
Vulgar ads
!Making women’s body more shameful
Very common to see implied orgy theme in high end ads
Raw pornography ads
Popular culture
Ad is a powerful representation.
Ads can be progressive.
Ad touched on a delicate spot of politics
!It broke through the fantasy world
He talks in the text about postmodernism.
Very important the understand the culture in advertisement.
Before modernism it was traditional society.
Modernism was a time when truth was clear and existed.
Science produces more questions than answers
Post modern ads
!Ambiguity and absurd coming into play
!Countercultural (eg. Benetton ads) and confrontational
!Countercultural ads are not pretty and soaked up and empty of
Ad produces propaganda for commodity on behalf of capitalism
Ad obscures (complicates) the manner in which capitalism creates and
maintains society.
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