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Lecture 4

CMN3174 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Cultural Revolution, Consumerism, Volkswagen

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Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 4
Relative size
Function ranking
Licensed withdrawal
Using the right set of rules / algorithm.
Dual market approach
!Dual incomes
Coded messages to reach gay lesbian market place without pissing off the
Expensive to run 2 ads so run 1.
Gay / lesbian consumer and watch what we do.
Vanity fair
!Ads on it could go either way
o!Creating multiple meanings or interpretations
o!This is all very focused on urban centers
Lipstic – Lesbian
Community like a lot of communities contested
Communities today within communities (lesb/hetro) identity is debated, its
not given.
Fashion is indicative of personal freedom as well as political choice.
Sex and the City
!Reduces feminism
Capitalism privileges heterosexual relationships.
Heterosexist character says the man / woman + couple of kids
Capitalism will fall tomorrow if we were rational and discipline in spending
Capitalism wants us to be selfish and generous.
Iceberg – Neoconservative
!Creates tension
!Weakens bonds that once kept families together
!Weakens the traditional family
!Drives people into heterosexual relationships
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