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Lecture 7

CMN3174 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Cultural Revolution, Liberal Fascism, Political Correctness

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Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 7
Plastic surgery
!Claimant male institution in recreating femininity.
!When a group social status declines that’s a time of trouble that
leads to things like riots
!increased racism goes on for years or centuries
In North America white use to dominate
White was America
A lot of factors were involved under the underpresentation of people of
different colour
Globalization informs people across borders.
White world was on top and unchallenged
In 1960s everything changed
!Women and black power rising
!Driven economy
!Disposable income among young families
!Rapid ping pong within women (home !" work (factories))
!Then Birth control came around
!Full flowed black power
!Environmental movements came out
First half of the 20th century dominated by male has been challenged
Quit legitimacy, jobs
Declining status
!Entire middle class moving to sharing power
When there’s a significant change in the social system / group status we find
that their representation in dominant media system also changes
!Correlation between representational patterns and source
Accept minority into the mainstream
The process of accepting marginalized social groups (minority groups)
Analytical reflection in images
If university is doing anything it should be empowering by making us
autonomous (independent)
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