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Lecture 10

CMN3174 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Critical Left, Mass Society, Industrial Revolution

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Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 10
Postmodern consciousness
Each historical period has consciousness related to it
!What it is like to think and feel like you?
o!That’s very hard to know
Culture constructs consciousness
Thinking, feeling
!All our thoughts are attached with feelings
20th century
!period of extra ordinary transitions
We’ve gone through 3 major stages:
!1) Traditional society
o!everything before the industrial society
o!moral cultures and traditions
o!writing, literature
o!modernity brought with it specialization
o!traditional society on the other hand ! generalization
o!generalized ! highly specialized
o!low high technology
o!oral mediated culture (media)
o!80s industrial revolution kicked it
o!new type of printing technology brought the age to an end
beginning around 1800
o!The printing press came to a close in 1500-1600
o!This was the birth of modernity
o!Traditional society to modernity
!2) Modernity
o!Replace faith with reason
o!1850s ! 1900s
o!as a group / society we decided to stop looking at laws of god
and we started to look at science and principles.
o!We have religious forms that are de-institutionalized
o!Institutions have power over us
"!E.g. funeral homes and hospital taking care of life and
o!Individual autonomy
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