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Lecture 11

CMN3174 Lecture 11: Lecture 11

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Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 11
Autonomy (produced from external influences) or heteronomous
!Define the 2 poles of theory
!In philosophy, social sciences, economy, etc.
!Autonomous or heteronomous individual
!Conservative philosophic mind and liberal
o!Conservative philosophic- Significantly autonomous, self-
!The idea of the unchanging nature of the individual.
!Tend to be against any form of re-distribution
!Individuals as malleable.
Individual subject to change then you’ll be willing to invest in changing the
worst in humanity
If you attack the values of society then you must be dealt with.
Most quoted dead person - Karl Marx
Twitchell is one of the big names in the study of advertising
!Celebrates capitalism
Overstate argument
There’s a correlation between what we write, record, etc.
Who you are is the single biggest determinate of what you do.
Liberal and conservative billionaires / politicians
Range of debate is set by who’s at the top
!Strong, tight group
!Rich elites
Ad does create wants/needs
How are you not to be influenced by ads trying to influence you over 50
There are no false needs” James B. Twitchell
!in the feisty defense of American materialism
!“there are only false academics”
we’re very subject to being fooled
the idea of desiring things we don’t need
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