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Lecture 12

CMN3174 Lecture 12: Lecture 12

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Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 12
Communicating what’s significant to people
Connect the product to the promise of what’s missing in life
Connecting it to something deep into ourselves
We buy not our of need in contemporary society
!We buy the product to fulfill something else in our life very
!Capitalism is full of business profit.
Advertising is different
Focus on the product and miss-making that connection
Central argument: Does capitalism create desire?
Question of the creation of desire and wants is central.
Dominant media says we the consumer are incharge but if we saw capitalism
and persuasive system
There’s an issue of who’s incharge?
Ad does create artificial desires in consumers.
Ad – visual representation coming from corporations
Ad is propaganda on behalf of consumption.
Corporate speech
!Corporations speak to us.
Ad is a cultural system, something that creates mass shared meanings
that creates mass behaviour.
We work to buy.
We spend our leisure time exposed to ads and buying.
Ad is making distinction between culture and ad
The degree to which culture has been captured by corporations.
The process of consuming and buying becomes part of culture.
Culture creating desire noted is a misunderstanding of culture and what role
society plays.
Culture-shared meanings creating shared behaviour.
Culture creates these desires, ad is a culture system
Culture helps us express romance, grief, etc (emotion).
Culture will shape how we express these things.
Ad will express these things .
If ad is at the centre of modernity and of our culture system
!It creates, wants, desires and needs
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