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Lecture 5

CMN 4115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Universal Service, Cultivation Theory, Solidarity

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CMN 4115
Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 5
The New TVOntario
!Neoliberal ideology
o!Reduce public spending
o!Replace public services with private services
!!Adaptors of market models
!!Thatuharium views audience as consumers.
!Behind the neoliberal ideology
o!Reducing of public spending and replacing public services with
private services.
!!The private services can do better.
o!The pendulum is swung way too far
!You can view the audience just as a consumer.
!You the audience strictly through the neoliberal ideology.
!Common sense revolution of the Harris government.
!TVOntario was faced with the risk of being privatized until
!Interest groups vs. collective identity.
o!Shift in the society.
o!My interest vs. whats good for the collective.
o!Concerns of the collective is the concern of everyone.
!There is potential infinity of different groups.
!People having ridiculous fight over Christianity or other religion.
!It’s a difference between our concern and yours.
!What’s happening between private sector broadcasting.
!The private
!Its not just the CBC we’re funding but we give lots of money to
private broadcasters.
o!Public money to private broadcasters.
!Chompksy model of media.
!Elite and elite institutions get privilege access to the media.
!We hear voices of the elite in corporate press very frequently.
!Through the press the elite is able to exercise control.
!Key agenda setting processes of corporate media, defining the
nature of the situation…they privilege their own interest.
!TVO managed to scrape together 85000 subscribing members.
!Parliamentary agendas set out.
!Provincial govt. failed to policy fight.
!Assistant deputy ministers
!The policy making process has been politicized.
o!What’s going to be best for the nation
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