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Lecture 10

CMN 4115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Regulatory Capture, Dominant Ideology, Market Failure

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CMN 4115
Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 11
Presentation 1
!Public policy and Canadian broadcasting
!Regulatory capture
o!Get captured by the industry that regulates the process
o!They get a substantial proportion of what they want
!CRTC is meant to regulate the industry on behalf of cultural express
!Long term thinking, full time lobbyist
Presentation 2
!30 years of neoliberalization
!deregulation of corporations, broadening of market forces
o!into govt. services, health care, etc
o!Which has did good stuff…increased productivity etc
!However, persistent market failure of corporations
!They don’t feed mind, citizenship or journalism…what nations and
citizens feed
!This pendulum is very slowly starting to swing in the direction of
Presentation 3
! Ad in tv
!Evolution of ad
Conventional wisdom
!Dominant ideology
You gotta take into account what everyone is doing
!Which often is substantially a reflection of things like the dominant
ideology of the day
!Our time the ideology is consumerism and neo-liberalism
!For 20th century everyone was keeping up with Jones.
o!Consumption lifestyle
Everybody doing the same thing, pursuing the same lifestyle
Video lecture
!Young Canadians should feel that they have a sense of ownership.
!If sports has to be the anchor of PSB, sports
o!it’s a weak anchor
o!the audience of TV sports except for Olympics is not growing
o!its been shrinking for decades
o!slowly but surely
o!people are getting older, there are more old Canadians
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