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Lecture 1

CMN 4115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: North American Free Trade Agreement, Alternative Culture, Plutocracy

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CMN 4115
Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 1
Public broadcasting was brought about in the early part of the 20th century
Started with radio…it was a product of a particular institution, the nation
state, the modern nation
The nation state has interest of its own and then dilemmas are created in
perusing those interests.
A nation doesn’t occur, a nation is created.
A nation state as how we imagine it.
The state is military, govt., post office, institution, justice system, etc…the
power flows through those institutions.
The nation is where we see ourselves are individuals, as citizens.
The state is the institutional apparatus
The nation is the imaginary thing we see our self instituting in.
The dilemma of nation state is that it needs our compliance.
The two fundamental requirements of the citizen what’s required of us is to
pay our taxes. There’s a general requirement of abiding with the laws and to
go to the war when required.
There has to be a way from the state to create a sense of political
The media has been central to this.
The nation state arose in parallel with the rise of mass media.
Parallel rise between the rise of the printing press and the rise of the modern
state system.
There’s a deep relationship in the past 500 years between the nature of our
political systems and the nature of our media systems.
Some argue just by virtue creating new media systems we create new
political systems.
To answer the issue of how to create and maintain the citizen in the state
!The answer to that question was public broadcasting
!First through radio then television.
There’s no one focus on public broadcast system.
Current debate over the past 20 years till day over the relevance of CBC,
future of CBC and try and connect that to the general issue of relevancy.
The discuss of public broadcasting…what’s in the public interest vs. private
Private interest – corporations, what corporations want and what’s good for
corporations. Elite getting what they want.
The interest with civic society, we are conceived of as citizens participating
in what’s good for the country.
The news reflects whats on the public mind and whats happening in today’s
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