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Lecture 7

CMN 4115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Citizen Journalism, Moral Economy, Ohmynews

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CMN 4115
Michael Strangelove

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Lecture 7
Older people
!Sense of citizenship
!Canadian identity and culture
What happens to citizenship and national identity?
Problem is the nation state
Public broadcasting is part of the problem.
19th century aristocratic authoritarian state of that time
State is the problem
The state system
Corporate state alliance that rules controls and garners and keeps to itself
majority of wealth and power and leaves us with scraps on table.
There’s good and bad and which outweighs the other
Transnational elite and corporations try to ensure we stay within the state
Celebration of public broadcasting – you have to be careful
!Global of suffering and economy of inequality (gender, race,
!Question dominance!
Presentation 1 - Public Service Broadcasting 2.0
!Canada vs. Europe
o!Quality programing
o! Diversity
o!covering local, national content.
!Europe challenges
o!Resilient in Europe
o!Facing both social and tech changes
o!Private media pressure
o!Audience fragmentation
!The digital era
o!Poses a threat to PSB in Europe
!Focus – Denmark
!Denmark’s online strategies
!Digital tv divide between urban and rural
!More people turning to the internet (22% of Canadians say its their
main source)
!Canada’s online strategies

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o!Radio and podcasts
o!Programming available online
o!Digital archives
o!CBC kids and preschool
o!CBC Parents and ‘live right now’
!PSB 2.0
!Denmark’s strategy have been successful with little difficulties
!12.5% in 4 years
Public, citizen, collective, common good are antagonistic to the desires of
We’re in a new era
!Translational corporate system
Presentation 2 – Sports Broadcasting in Canada
!Hockey broadcasting
!TSN is nation’s most watched and successful channel
Presentation 3 – Aljazeera Network
!Censorship attempts
!Aljazeera is the most popular and trusted in the middle east.
People’s opinions.
Building the digital commons (Article)
!PSB is in a state of crisis
!its audience is dispersing across the landscape
!Understanding of history
o!History is fundamental to arriving at the understanding of a
o!Roman empire has certain institutional structures and it
became the holy Roman empire of the catholic church.
!The Sickness of Neo-Liberalism
o!“debates on television have been dominated by a swelling
chorus intoning the last rites for public service broadcasting
and pressing for a fully commercialised communications
!!Allowing corporates to privatize
!!Ideas of business become the priority of the govt.
!!Run the govt. like a business

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!!Priorities under conservative bureaucrats
o!Market failure
!!The market can never fully satisfy the needs of the
citizen and the public
!!Corps want us to primarily purchase their products and
!Commercial interests . . .
o!“see public broadcasting's monopoly entitlement to public
funding as conferring unfair advantages in an increasingly
competitive marketplace”
o!Tax credits, direct funding, indirect funding to these
o!Commercial interests are resentful to public funding
o!Govt. is unfairly competing against us for ratings
o!No such thing as unbiased news production
!!Its about the level of bias.
!More Public, Not Less
o!“In an age of increasing individualisation and commercialism
we need more than ever to reinvent the public domain”
o!Rise of the individual
o!Central historical story to understand what’s going on
o!When the collective declines, corp’s can pick of easily and we
don’t have any collective rep or collective power when we are
individualized in the market
o!Rise of the union
!!If you don’t have union then you will be standing up as
an individual…unions allow for collectivism.
o!“The core rationale for public service broadcasting lies in its
commitment to providing the cultural resources required for
full citizenship.”
o!Cultural resource
!!Shared meaning
!!Shared text
!!Shared patterns of behaviour and values
!!Doesn’t mean we’re all the same but even in the
differences we allow the differences to be respect.
o!When happens when we loose these shared differences?
o!There’s really a fundamental issue to living together
o!Structured society where we live together in relative peace.
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