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Lecture 5

CMN4131 Lecture 5: Negotiating Skills

Course Code
CMN 4131
Stephanie Larrue

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Lecture 5
Negotiating Skills
Role play evaluation:
!Justify the slide
Negotiating Skills
!Put emphasis on areas of agreement, even in preparation
o!Preparation is imp, it makes a huge different
! Refer to long-term considerations
! Tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty
o!embrace that other person’s confused or other issues
o!learn to develop tolerance towards that to bring in the tactic
! Nor pure win-lose, nor pure win-win
o!there’s never win-win
o!for both to win they drop something
o!the idea in the end is for both to win as much as possible
! Neutral language when making proposals
!Take time to consider offer before accepting
! Give only 1 or 2 rationales to make a point
! Review agreement after negotiations for improvement
! Anchoring: opening offers to anchor the discussion around their
main issue or around that of the other. Influences the decision-
making throughout.
!opening offer is very influential
!Bracketing: to negotiate towards mid-point so take it into
consideration with your opening offer.
!Strongly defend your initial offer: paramount to anchor your
!Choose the most extreme offer you can logically defend when
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