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Lecture 2

CMN1148 Lecture 2: chapter 2

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Sherry Ferguson

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Chapter 2 Perceiving ourselves in relation to others Self Concept: a relatively stable and organized collection of thoughts and feelings about the self, which lead to attitudes and drive behaviour (has great influence on how we are in the world) - begins to form at six or seven months of age, you begin to see yourself as an individual - ex:self perceptions of being thin, tall, ugly pretty Self Esteem: how we perceive our overall sense of worth or value Self Efficacy: our perceived ability to accomplish something or to make a difference ex: during christmas buying gifts for a certain name Four faces of self-concept self-image: how we see ourselves - war veterans calling themselves “trained killers”, causing divorce/family issues looking-glass self: how we think others see us - often a discrepancy, thinking you're going to “be chosen last” ideal self: how we would like to be - influenced strongly by media real self: how we actually are Writing our Life Scripts: The Role of the Inner Voice - Important for: - developing storylines to guide us through life, complete with characters, plots, settings and action - change into fictional characters on social media 1 Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - getting ideas from first-hand and second-hand experiences and memories - identifying on a psychic level with settings and places - understanding that life scrips can be positive or negative in their unfolding - Comparing ourselves to others: - we can look upward or downward for role models - we can experience assimilation effects (greater self esteem and self efficacy when we see ourselves as able to achieve ideal) - we can experience contrast effects (lower feelings of self esteem and self efficacy when we see ourselves as unable to achieve ideal) - Reference groups: those groups to which we compare ourselves - Demographic and psychographic groups to which people belong (groups we relate to) or aspire Revising our life Scripts - We need to focus on - recognizing when our scrips have become outdated - letting go of negative scripts - taking advantage of periods of role transition to revise scripts - avoiding the negative storylines that can develop with changed in heath or aging Looking glass self: how we think others see us - views of self are influenced by how we think others s
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