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Chapter 1: The Challenges of Organizational Communication These notes are the notes from the lecture combined with notes from the textbook.

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Rumaisa Shaukat

The Challenges of Organizational Communication Globalization Work force diversity: all diffs in defining ourselves and others Companies become more complex cuz of work force and changes in relationships, etc. Need more requisite skills (ex. active listening, etc.) to Challenges Globalization: social events become more connected Moving beyond national economic boundaries to do business with other countries Connected ppl when it comes to culture, political beliefs, etc. Lots of economic, social and political influences Adv. Interest in reducing poverty; providing jobs Disadv. More social and envir’l racism Domestic job losses Exploitation of workers in third world nations Outsourcing – businesses move manufacturing and service centers to countries where labor is cheap Terrorism: 911 affected the world causing subsequent attacks around the world Can be perpetrated by individs, groups, nation-states, and regimes Set of strategies that involves the use of unpredictable violence Creates ongoing fear Enhanced by technological tools and envirs that have high concentrations of residents and mass transportation Concern for communication scholars – understanding how terrorist networks and organizations operate and grow Complex communication processes involved in military actions and dealing with military personnel & families They respond to the complexities of homeland security (strategy to ensure effective organization and establish rules and procedures); consider ways these issues can be conveyed to the public Climate change: affects plants, animals and humans Create envir that ppl are aware of
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