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Chapter 4: Systems Approaches Lecture notes on Chapter 4: Systems Approaches

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University of Ottawa
Rumaisa Shaukat

CHAPTER 4: SYSTEMS APPROACHES Monday, January 24, 2011 *** encouraged to view organizations as a whole Tasks, ppl, processes, technology and society Systems Metaphor and Systems Concepts Systems components: looking at basic elements Hierarchical Ordering: Diff departments (subunits = subsystems) How many subsystems? Interdependence: for organizations to survive they’re dependent on each other Who reports to whom Permeable Boundaries: what kind of patent is available to allow communication to flow in and out of the organization A linear system Exists by interacting with diff units/ppl How the system itself is reacting to a society Systems Processes Input-Throughput-Output Process: Process of exchange Process of feedback Negative/corrective/deviation reductions feedback Positive, growth or deviation amplifying feedback Solving the prob: what is affecting the output? Understand how ppl do things How the system is responsive Processes: how communication moves throughout the organization How the interact with the envir Systems Properties Holism: organizations as a system have more weight/authority than diff departments Wholistic approach Equifinality: how there are multiple (equally efficient) ways to achieve goals Negative Entropy: ability of system to fight off any deterioration Within the organization they have the ability to sustain and grow Requisite Variety: system must be diverse and complicated and as diverse/complicated as it’s envir How complicated is the envir? What strategies to use to deal with the complication The company has the ability
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