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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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th Conflict – November 25 Express Struggle: both people have to know that a problem exists for it to be defined as conflict – if you're mad at your roommate and she has no idea because you act like everything is fine...Not a conflict What is conflict? An expressed struggle that inevitably occurs between at least two independent people who perceive: – incompatible goals – scarce rewards – interference from the other person in achieving their goals – Conflict is inevitable: all relationships are characterized by conflict. – knowing how to deal with conflict effectively can make the difference between it being unproductive or productive – according to Margaret Heffernan, conflict can enable people to do their very best thinking – find someone who is different, from a different discipline, with different traits in order to accomplish a mean. – People are afraid of conflict, but conflict can sometimes lead to advancement. Perceived Incompatible Goals: – often it looks like one person has to lose something for the other to get their goal met – there is one way to get conflict resolved, but also other ways Per
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