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Lecture 4

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Week 4 Theoretical Perspectives on Media ContentOct 2nd 2012Pretentious Issue Whether we should try and understand how meaning of messages are developedinterpreted or is it more important to try and understand how the messages are producedPicture of a pipe not actually a pipe Understanding meaning and hidden contentsymbolismPreviewRepresentation and SignificationKey theoristsSaussurePeirceBarthesCommunication and Social TheoryHall Killing Us Softly 4 Studying ContentAll of these approaches are rounded in literary criticism The focus is on trying to examine different ways in which texts can be analyzed and understood Various meanings can be drawn from different texts these meanings might relate to the opinions of an author the issues of culture and society the history of the individual who is reading the text relating to the audience Perhaps we can understand texts by understanding the author first Key focus is on meaning and on the construction of meaningStructuralismLooking at language and the system of language and how it constructs reality for us How does the structure of the language impact our meaningdiscovering the underlying patterns that shape texts and genres we do not speak language but rather language speaks uswe dont control language language controls us It influences how one expresses their ideas and how they think
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