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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Week 12 Media Imperialism in a Globalized World.docx

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Aliaa Dakroury

Lecture 9Week 12 Media Imperialism in a Globalized WorldJanuary1013552 PM mperialism Origins of the movementThe word imperialism is unique in its capacity to make the Third Worlds blood boil Its stench is like that of the word racist among blacks it hits people in the gut as well as in the intellect Merrill John Atkinson HobsonThe Englishman believes that he is a more excellent type than any other man he believes that he is better able to assimilate any special virtues others may have he believes that this character gives him a right to rule which no other can possess Justifying imperialism through ethical and humanitarian reasons USA V IRAQ WAR American ImperialismExporting Western LifeStyleEthical and religious imperialists claim of the need to spread Christianity as a mission of civilization in the colonies teaching them the arts of government industry and labour The Prevalent Themes in a Successful Bollywood FilmArranged marriagesWomen being treated as objectsPatriarchyPovertyNostalgiaReligion Vladimir LeninImperialism the Highest Stag of CapitalismConnection Medieval Ownership ImperialismIn our world giant transnational media corporations own the means of productions and dissemination channels as well as monopolizing various forms of informationNo LogoNaomi Kldi
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