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Lecture 2

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University of Ottawa
Aliaa Dakroury

Lecture 2 Ch 24January1013553 PM CHAPTER 2Studying Media StrategicallyNeed to have broad context or the conceptual map into where media fits2 concepts that help explain levels of understanding you need leadership and managementJohn Kotter distinguished themLeadership involves coping with changeManagement comping with complexity know how things workNeed strategical and critica thinking and a capacity to evaluate and make sense of the media world and why it is the way it is The nature and uses of theoryTheories explain how things workTheories are systematic descriptions of what prior conditions bring about what consequencesConsists of assumptions about relationships between clearly stated prior conditions and a therefore statement describing the process of effects they bring aboutTheories are precise sets of statements about what causes are assumed to bring about what outcomesStatements about what causes provide explanationsTheories explain why certain effects occur as a result of prior cnditions that are both necessary and sufficient to bring about those consequencesTheories are products of research that uncover posible casual connections between prior conditions and their consequencesWhen relationships are identified a tentative theory is set as a set f statements that logically predict what effects should be onservableTheories provides a prediction of what should be found by further careful observation assuming its correctTheories provide a guide for relevant research to check whether it has made a valid logical prediction if not needs to be modified if so theory has positive supportTheories are sets of interrelated propositions derived from research that provide descriptions about how things workTheories provide explanations about what prior conditions bring about what consequencesTheories provide logical predictions guides to research about what should be found by further observationTheories are supported when their predictions are found by research to be accurate if not they must be revised or rejected The big picture communication theoryThoeries and knowledge derived from research about media have grown around institutions with 2 goalsTo prepare a workforce for mediaProvide general knowledge and undeerstanding of what media and communication actually doHave caused gaps in media fields ex Studying journalism and studying about it
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