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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Week 6 The Long Tradition of Media Effects.docx

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Aliaa Dakroury

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Lecture 5Week 6 The Long Tradition of Media EffectsJanuary1013550 PM The Long Tradition of Media Effects TheoriesPerspective of mass media theoryMacroscopic generalMicroscopic individualisticspecificPropagandaMicroscopic approachWhy do we study media effects theoriesThe public or the receiver perspectiveCreator of mass media messages perspectiveUnderstanding the causes and effects to give people means to control and understand events and controlpredict futureAnalysing mass communication in terms of causes and effects fits well with the scientific model of research if we repeat the experiement again wed have the same results The audienceAll media all acts of communication presume the existence of an audience of someone to whom a message is addressedWith the existence all media effort is worthless no need to be clear or organizedUseful way to proceed is to distinguish the audience from other types of social groupingsIn communication studies the
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