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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Week 4 The Medium is the Message (Made in Canada).docx

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Aliaa Dakroury

Lecture 3Week 4 The Medium is the Message Made in CanadaJanuary1013549 PM Jan 28th 2013 The Medium is te Message the Canadian Communication SchoolThe centrality of media and technology in the canadian mindCanadian mind may be one of the main sites in modern times for working out the meaning of technologica experience A general fascination with the question of technology extends like a brilliant arc across the canadian 4 reasonsFrenchenglish cultural tensions that resulted in the official development and implementation of the bilingualism and multiculturalism policies as from the late 1960sFrancophones ussed to not be able to work for the government unless they spoke englishCultural media invasion form the american media system prompts the canadian call for a distinct cultural identityCanadian content cancon CRTC were keen to create a policy to preserve our canadian identityPrimary objectives high quality programming reflecctive of canada access to reliable and affordable telephone and
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