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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Week 5 Media Ethics Is that Possible.docx

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University of Ottawa
Aliaa Dakroury

Lecture 4Week 5 Media Ethics Is that PossibleJanuary1013550 PM Lecture 4 The Medium is the Message The Canadian Communication School January2813230 PMCHECK MIDTERM DRP DUE MARCH 11TH The Centrality of Media and Technology in the Canadian MindThe Canadian mind may be one of the main sites in modern times for workingout the meaning of technological experience A general fascination with the question book The Centrality of Media in the Canadian Mind WhyThe FrenchEnglish cultural tensions that resulted in the official development and implementation of the bilingualism and multiculturalism policies as from the late 1960sThe cultural media invasion from the American media system that prompts the Canadian call for a distinct cultural identityThe challenge of maintaining a balance between the concepts of free trade competition etc on one hand and public subsidy public interest on the other hand in Canadian communications public policyThe federalprovincial tensions on regulating cultural policies and Canadas own struggle to strive for a distinctly Canadian cultural identity Canadian Content CanconThe Canadian RadioTelevision and Telecommunications Commission CRTCCRTCCanadian IdentityPrimary ObjectivesHigh quality Canadian programming reflective of CanadaAccess to reliable and affordable telephone and other telecommunication servicesWHYChallenges faced by the Canadian music and musicians as of the early 1970sAntiCanadian bias from radio stationsCanadian Association of Broadcasters and the claim of lowering the attractiveness of Canadian stations
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