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Lecture 3

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Dina Salha

The message y Public opinion is important in mass communicationy Public opinion is the force to maintain power y How to influence public opinion investigate what is happening Propaganda political and Persuasion advertisement y they are similar in that a they are both strategies of contact b to influence human behaviour in a particular context c unequal exchange of information between the centre and the periphery d nonreciprocal message e simultaneous contact with the population f manipulation of information y They differ in that propaganda has ideological and political interests y Persuasion through publicity and advertising for example corresponds to economic interestsAdvertising y They exaggeratePropaganda y instructs you what to do y coercion can be involved DefinitionsPropaganda a specific type of message in its most general meaning message is the object of communicationMessage any thought of idea expressed briefly in a plain or secret language prepared in a form suitable for transmission by any means of communicationBehaviourism y Individual or group behaviour can be scientifically studied and explainedEarly Theories y Shameful origins of mass communication theory Gustave Le Bon and The Psychologyof the Crowd y Crowd has feminine attributes y Emotional easily manipulated instinctive irrational y Foundation of stimulusresponse theory
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