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Lecture 6

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Dina Salha

Week 6 thFebruary 14 2012XWA and KDKA1920XWA in Montreal begins broadcasting in Canada1920KDKA Americas first licenses commercial station by Westinghouse1922CJCG first radio license Canada1927Canadas Diamond Jubilee is broadcast1929Aird Commission releases its report on Radio broadcasting in CanadaMajor radio legislationsRadio Act of 1912 o Covered several thingsRequired licenses to operate a transmitterPassed largely due to the Titanic disasterrequired ships at sea to have their radios on at all timesRadio Act of 1927 o Radio sales were declining o Gave the FRC the power to enforce frequency assignmentsable to serve the public interests betterCommunications Act of 1934 o FRC changed to the FCC o Tried to manage wireless communication o Consider new mediatelevision and cable to operate and create some policy around new mediaTeleccomunications Act of 1996 o Deregulated ownershipprivatization of the media sector o Causes problemslet go of old regulations and open the door to private investors Few companies started to control smaller companies and but them problem of concentrationReaction to TVFM radio o Embed in new technologiesclearer reception and soundThe transistor portable o Portable radio hiked sales and changed the way we used radio because we could bring it everywhereFormat radio o A way to keep the audienceconsistent programming thats different from what other media was offeringSatellite radio o Popular in 2002 2006 o Pay to receive a particular radio channel known as narrowcasting
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