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Lecture 2

CMN2101 Lecture 2: chapter 2 research ethics

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University of Ottawa
Mohammed El Hashash

2016年年1⽉月28⽇日 星期四 chapter 2 research ethics - what are research ethics 道德? • a set of principle that assist the community of researchers in deciding how to conduct ethical research. • ethical research bodies, mandate and principle following the WW2. human subjects - we are concerned with 3 areas: • relationship between society and science - better society without using any stressed individuals within society - partially dictated by governments, and corporations - involve research subjects • Kanishka project(relationship between society and science) - invest in research on Canadians on pressing questions for Canada on terrorism and counter-terrorism - government funded project • professional issues - researcher misconduct(fabricate/ falsify/ plagiarize) - ethical concern, how you conduct your research • treatment of research subjects - physical/ psychological harm, release of personal info - reduce physical/ psychological harm - ethical standards of research adopted following Nuremberg trials - people who are at disadvantage - steps for proper ethical conduct • Office of Research Ethics and Integrity(OttawaU) - research ethics board (REB) • commercial institutional review board(IRB Services) 1 2016年年1⽉月28⽇日 星期四 • animal care - The Canadian council on Animal Care in Science - when applying: • purpose of the research • relevant background rationale for the research…(see table 2.1 and exhibit 2.3 in the textbook(P18,22-23)) - treatment of research subjects • Ethical Dilemma(costs and benefits) • freedom form harm(physical and psychological) • freedom to leave/ decline participation • coercion胁迫(incentives 刺刺激as persuasion) • informed consent(you can le
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