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Lecture 9

CMN2101 Lecture 9: quantitative & qualitative sampling

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University of Ottawa
Mohammed El Hashash

2016年年3⽉月31⽇日 星期四 Chapter 10 quantitative & qualitative sampling - sampling review • everyday sampling: gathering friends’ opinions - what did you think of that CMN course?(small and bias sample) - everyone I know is voting Liberal - no now i know liked that movie - most Trump supporters are racist • but wait! - what if our friends did poorly, were caught cheating? - what if you only asked someone of your friends about the movie? • their advice might then be biased or distorted • thus everyday thinking (perception) involves limited sampling • leads to inaccurate generalization • scientific thinking takes into account complexities of social world - when conducting research, we decide whom and what to study • 2 basic methods in selecting sample from the population: - 1. probability sampling (aka Random sampling) - 2. non-probability sampling (aka non-random sampling, what your goals are? a specific demographic) - probability sampling • most preferred by researchers • ensures that each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected • deductive mathematical approach • recall the general rule of thumb 1 2016年年3⽉月31⽇日 星期四 - the smaller the population size(PS), the bigger the sample size (SS) and vise versa • for a population of below 500, a sample size of 30% is required, for sample size over 150000 a sample size of 1% is needed, for 10 million a sample size
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