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CHAPTER 10 Selling Yourself Nonverbally Politics and SalesThis chapter focuses on the role of nonverbal communication in the development of personal credibilityDimensions of Credibility Credibilityconcept that measures how believable you are to those with whom you interact withhigh credibility of a speaker is more persuasive the person you are interacting with opposes to the messagelow credibility of the speaker is more persuasive when the person you are interacting with already agrees with the message credibility seems to have a more positive impact on persuasion when the person you are interacting with believes that the message is more relevant to himherThe three most important dimensions of credibility are competence trustworthiness and dynamismCompetencethis dimension is important to credibility which inspires the term confidence and is associated with excellence reflect how competent qualified wellinformed and intelligent that an individual is judged to be competent qualified well informed intelligentTrustworthiness A measure of our character as seen by whom we interact withOur presumed level of trustworthiness is based on our personal qualities intentions and attitudeshonest straight forward trustworthy sincereDynamismDefines peoples credibility or image in terms of the level of confidence they are perceived to haveThe more dynamic we are perceived to be the more credible we are apt to beThe development of a communicators credibility requires the dimensions of the initial credibility which is the credibility the communicators possesses before communication beginsTerminal credibility is the credibility that the communicator is seen to possess after communication occurs in a given situationIllustrating the impact of nonverbal cues on credibility The selling of corporate sales representativeModern corporations recognize that you sell yourself to potential customers before they will buy from youLevel of assertiveness is strongly affected by the nature of his or her visual and vocal communicationThe ability to sell yourself is essential for successful persuasive communication Corporate sales representatives engage in interpersonal rather than public communication because they interact with prospective customersDeveloping personal credibilityEye behaviorsGesturesPosturesVoiceYour credibility is defined by how competent trustworthy and dynamic others judge you to beCHAPTER 11 Detecting DeceptionDetecting DeceptionThe polygraph was developed to monitor changes in heart rate blood pressure skin resistance and other presumed physiographical indicators of deceptionPsychological stress evaluator was designed to pick up micromeres of the voice during job interviews Deception occurs in many formswhite lies cover ups bluffing and euphemismsThe six cues adapters hand gestures speech errors pauses response latency and message duration which distinguish deceivers from nondeceiversDeceivers experience a distinctive deceptioninduced type of arousal between deceptive and truthful communicators guilt
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