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Chapter 1-4 Non verbal

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CMN2132XNonVerbal CommunicationChapters 12CHAPTER 1 The function of communication is the creation of meaning The functional significance of nonverbal communication is related to oThe purposes for which meanings are communicated information persuasion etcoThe accuracy with which meanings are communicated ie facial communicationmore potential than tactile communicationoThe efficiency with which meanings are communicated the time and effort required for the communication of meanings6 Reasons why NonVerbal Communication has great functional significanceoTheyre determinants of meaning better than verbal communication in interpersonal contextsoOnly 3035 of the worlds communicationverbal o93 of the total impact of a message is carried nonverballyo23 of communicated meaning is done nonverbally oNonVerbal characteristics primarily determine the emotional meaning of ones worldoNonVerbal cues are more relied upon when determining the emotional state of someone Non Verbal Communication can provide us with insight about emotions like oHow sensitive communicators are about emotional expressionsoThe kinds of emotional expressions that can be correctly identified oThe specific nature of incorrect identification of emotions oThe degree to which communicators attend to the emotional meaning of a total communication The nonverbal portion of communication conveys meanings and intentions that are relatively free of deception and distortionNonverbal communication is arent usually under the sustained and conscious control of the communicatorNonVerbal Cues oconvey a communicators real meaningintent as well as suggest what the communicator thinks of us ocan reveal deception as well as conceal it oare usually taken with more importance when verbal and nonverbal cues conflict actions speak louder than wordsoserve a metacommunicative function which is inseparable which is indispensable in attaining highquality communication oare the primary metacommunicative function in interpersonal communication orepresent a much more efficient means of communicating than verbal cues people want to communicate more in less timeorepresent the most suitable vehicle for suggestions ideas and emotions are more effectively communicated indirectly than directlyGestural Adaptors Nonverbal behaviours of the encoder that operate out of awareness and are unintentional Nonverbal Communication comprises of 3 major interacting systemssubsystems oThe visual communication systemThe major source of nonverbal meaningMade up of 3 subsystems Kinesic Defined by its own subsystems of facial expressions eye behaviors gestures and postureProxemic Defined by the use of space distance and territory for purposes of communication
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