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Lecture 5

CMN2160 Lecture 5: class 5

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Patrick Mc Curdy

2016年年10⽉月6⽇日 星期四 class 5 understanding images - structuralism • where semiotic comes from • the way the individual act can be explained by the larger structure • various rules that make meanings possible(pattern of the social culture, individuals work in society) • focusing on larger structures in society and larger forces upon us - semiotics符号学 • expansion on the visual side(environmental communications) • methodology for studying science • analyze science and symbols and understand orders • 2 types of analysis: - diachronic历时的: system of language involved over time, tracing change of words, if the labels are settled, you would not expect the meanings are changes, however word certainly change over time - synchronic⼀一时的 • language vs Parole假释 - language—the system - parole—the moves within sign, signifier & signified • - the form could be letters or pictures - different between sign which allows us to think - label of the object and exist outside our world, looking the meaning within it is a shift - idea of creating and maintaining meanings, culturally bound system 1 2016年年10⽉月6⽇日 星期四 - language would be the sign • cat - signified: cat itself - signifier: the letter itself • rise & utility of critical linguistics - tradition of critical discourse analysis - unpack the claims being made and understand power - language is social practice, require specific words, and given it message - determined and influence social structure, by framing how we understand social events - critics those in power within society • Roland Barthes & Myth - myth occur when science take on a higher(second) meaning • 1 st. order of signification - langua
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