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Lecture 1

CMN2160 Lecture 1: class 1 what is theory?

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Patrick Mc Curdy

class 1 what is theory? - theories and weaknesses, pick relevant theories • social structure, interpersonal…. 3 types of theories: • • common sense theory: where can we get to • practitioner theory专业⼈人员: no academic field but a practice, critically the impact of messages • academic theory: critical, understand the ways the world works, social problems, history reason theory - theory has a purpose - theory is a process • theories in network society/ media violent cartoons…understand the effect, the process • • understand the efficiency and weakness • introduce concepts into communication from other fields, where research goes • innovation创新 happens, ways of scholarship, new theories that involves reaction • encourages the base, critique - give a child a hammer and everything becomes a nail • what does that mean?: what image comes to mind? - reckless, could hit everything - narrowness of thought, theory: collection of differences of tools to understand social phenomenon - there is no “Devin
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