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Lecture 11

CMN2160 Lecture 11: week 11

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Patrick Mc Curdy

2016年年11⽉月24⽇日 星期四 week 11 Feminism part one: feminism - idea of double bind • women can’t really win, if women act too much like men then it is wrong • women act as women they would be ineffective - look at comic characters • hyper sexualization of gender - feminism”s” • multiple perspectives • there are some uniting ideas, equality in gender • in communications, the message in media in gender roles, social relationships in power • how women make sense of their place in society based on what is represented in media • how do they use technology, as an escape • to recognize the problem, practices in society and change them • might seem natural to us - In 1917 of women who have relationship in the army could vote • 1921 national vote that women could vote • Quebec provincial election (1940) - what are its roots in feminism • protests involved in civil acts - painting of the gallery founder, • women were forced to leave their baggage (afraid for weapons) cannot enter alone(women would harm the paintings) • 1 2016年年11⽉月24⽇日 星期四 - first wave feminism • critique of gender differences and identify sexism - second wave feminism • differences in biology • Friedan criticized the happy house wife, goal was to challenge as a myth - personal ambitions to become a politician, to talk to dentists - we should have that choice to do things we like to do - traditional gender roles is dehumanizing, women lack of social power, only in home • women of voice with color - third wave of feminism • Judith Butler - wants to draw the shortcoming of scholarships - based on different critiques - identification of gender is first foundation of ourselves, distinguish between sex and gender - sex—biological, determined be nature - gender—product of society, role you are expected to play, media plays a big role - instead of universal, look at how culture shaped the role - patriarchy⽗父系社会 • system of government where the male is the head of the family • male dominated social matter, excludes women from social power • in specific artifacts • how do we understand that in social cultures? - dream world 3 • idea of the dream world, looking at the female sexualization and male domination, representing gender roles in popular cultures 2 2016年年11⽉月24⽇日 星期四 • people will take this and putted in real life, what social should be in this way • value of the videos convey underline values - feminisms: Janice Radway: why women read romance novels? • content between these novels and use • in support of patriarchy • understand the meaning given to media texts is to understand the act of media use itself • create free space from the regular world, left alone in the house • opportunity for physical escape, literal escape from social roles, doesn't change things in reality • critique, only satisfied for needs - Radway felt that by reading the text, readers are compensating things they lack in real life - Ang critiques that idea and that women do have power and look at the associations • looks at the fan views • women in shows are powerless • what pleasure do people get from watching? - people have emotions with the show, not an escape, experience is pleasurable - idea of pleasure have to be rethought - pleasure is
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