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Lecture 2

CMN2160 Lecture 2: class 2

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Patrick Mc Curdy

2016年年9⽉月15⽇日 星期四 class 2 Behaviorism & media effect (part one) - five point scale(hostility scale): standard phycology experiment • listen to songs: energetic, rock music, • looking at media effects: stimulus effect, cause and effect, worried about violence • making people feel more aggressive or angry…strongly dislike or like • media effect researches gets in circles - what is meant by media effects? • short term media effect how do you feel now vs. impact of daily media among our life • mini effect research, of media’s influence, agenda of worrying the youth, what will media do to them - media takes a form of problem(negative effect on society) • using of iPhones and iPad, making parents difficult • who gave the agency if the games makes children violent(direct effect? whats happening) - BBC: don't overlook TV virtues(example) • ongoing discourse, over harm cause by social media - early perspectives: behaviorism • will look at direct effect, long(short) term, cultivation 培养theory • lyrics and others influence how listeners act or think • people always think there are some effect on others but not them • attitude shift, people’s knowledge before and after - Lasswell& propaganda(social effect theory) • very strong effect • people have little agency(to compel, you don't have a choice to do anything else) 1 2016年年9⽉月15⽇日 星期四 • WW1, examines the impact of propaganda, great effect • how it represent this powerful view of media, how we link Lasswell to behaviorism of direct effect, understand propaganda • propaganda: manipulation of significant symbols • what can we notice of the symbols? - is representation of animals - gorilla—german, women—lady liberty (snatching your freedom) - delivery of propaganda • there can be some resistance for Laswell, he believe that propaganda could effect people if the message is right and strong, effective enough, then it would be direct effect - Lasswell’s chain of communication • who has the power to speak in society, what is the meanings, in radio? magazines? who is the audience, political interest, what is the impact of communications • who says what in which channel to whom with what effect? • shortcomings of this, limits, assumptions that the communicators want to be persuasive intensional/ unintentional • • thinking about impact and feedback • Las well’s models as transmission model of communication, message is sent from sender to receiver to the one to the many(mass media effects one to many) • • differentiate transmission model and ritual model(more traditional thoughts) - Laswell & Conductance(the ability to conduct electricity) • sent travels down by media and hits audience(parallel of electricity) • communication are not understood, message is not there, but interpret on your own, no conductance • not only be understood but also have effects 2 2016年年9⽉月15⽇日 星期四 - the wars of the world • indirect effect of media, reenforce existing ideas(in books on tests) - shift in media effect research, 1920s • Bandura social learning, what are the motivations? help us how society and people works • original of media effect that children act, how behaviors are viewed • physical measurement: model aggression, Bobo doll • social learning seeing boys fight and viewers would copy, the new technology(tv) wo
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