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Lecture 9

CMN2160 Lecture 9: Feminist Media

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University of Ottawa
Patrick Mc Curdy

Feminist Media Theory Double bind: Youre damned if you do damned if you dont Women cant copy the managerial style of men because they are seen as bitchy but if they copy the managerial style of women, then they are seen as ineffective This is because were used to seeing men in positions as power Why do things seem natural or unnatural for certain genders Conventions How masculinity and femininity are submitted Phases of feminism: most important idea is that there are multiple feminisms Feminism(s) Economic, social, political inequality among the sexes Medias representation of the relationship between men and women tell us about social power relationships Goal: to change practices that stem from systemic discrimination First wave: women are challenging existing power structures, they are not just given over they are fought for, suffragettes Second wave: challenges the idea that differences between men and women are biologically natural Friedan: The Feminine Mystique criticise happy housewife heroine myth saying it stifled womens ideas Connect to Barthes idea of ideology and myth: these myths are created by men to uphold existing power structures Thirdwave post feminism: Judith Butler: distinction between sex and gender Patriarchy and music videos Patriarchy: male dominated social order that expounds masculine values and excludes women from positions of power and authority System of social governance that favoured the father or oldest brother Dreamworlds 3 notes: Johaly: how are women portrayed in the male world of music videos? Dreamworld of female sexualization and male domination Street harassment: gender based harassment that takes place in public spaces 10 hours walking in new york criticism: There are cultural differences between what is acceptables Janice Radway Reading the Romance Polysemy: multiple meanings multiple reasons for women to read romance novels Middleclass women in western US Meaning is embedded in the very act of reading: the act of using the media itself Linked to uses and gratifications: because the act of using the media creating this space for yourself is meaningful Act of reading satisfies a need for women because they are not fulfilled in real life Len Ang
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