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Michael Strangelove

ADVERTISINGAND SOCIETY – FEB 4 TO READ: - CHAPTER 3 (p. 64 – 71, p. 90 – 93) DOWNLOAD: - HowAdvertising Works (PowerPoint Presentation) CHAPTER 3 - Power in marketplace – founded in part within media and politics  This developed mostly within the 20 century.  When behaviourism emerged. • Tended to treat humans as robots/animals • Stimulus creates a reaction - Reflexivity  Defines (in a post-modern context) awareness  “I know that you know that I know”. - Mechanistic/Behaviouristic Techniques  Evade technique of control – move and counter move  Counter move not taken into consideration - Omnipotent power of media  “Media is not that powerful”  Center of power tend to be hidden • Corporations responding to consumers – hiding power. o Ideological ploy of denying power. p. 65 - Resistance – but not to consumption or lifestyle (Lazarsfeld) p. 66 - Ideology (Marxist)  Media is like an iron cage; the audience (viewed as being like children) must be protected. - Advertising has a strong theme of relationship – what is lacking in social life.  Tells us it is not available elsewhere, but this isn’t true. - Active audience theory (Fiske – 1980’s)  All-powerful vs. not-powerful  Audience is ‘allocated’power to reinterpret, whereas before just seen as receptors of information given to them. p. 67 - System of capitalism recreates itself through media. - We (the audience) are ‘labouring’ when we watch ads on TV  Consumption of advertising whilst ‘off the clock’. - Mass media produces audiences for advertising. - Civilization based on epistemology  Sacramental heuristics  “One meaning guaranteed by God.” • The One  Through encounter of “one truth”, we encounter higher truth via God. - There is no “one to one” connection.  The modern age is one of uncertainty. p. 91 - Blurring vs lack thereof  Between message content of commercials and message of pro
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