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Michael Strangelove

ADVERTISINGAND SOCIETY – JANUARY 28 CHAPTER 2 (CONT’D) - Which of the following statements is incorrect?  Traditional economic theory stresses irrational consumer and consumer sovereignty.  TET stresses the rational consumer and consumer sovereignty. *** • Plutocracy: rule of the rich • Democracy leads the middle class to believe they have power. • Mob Rule: Marketplace serves the many (the largest segment). The more expensive something is, the more profitable it is. - Mass production caters to conformity.  Free-choice is a myth of the marketplace. - According to the text societies based on status ranking produce socially scarce positional goods.  Availability of scarce goods reinforces status.  We are compelled to ‘keep up with the Jones’” in order to ‘fit in’.  Conflict in this is the desire for individuality vs. the desire to still fit into society. - According to the text, which of the following statements is incorrect?  Advertising lies to us.  CAREFUL WITH THIS – The prof is of the opposite opinion – being that advertising does lie – however, the author of the textbook (and most academics) use the word ‘manipulate’ instead. p. 19 – 22 - FOR THE EXAM, KNOW THREE SOURCES OFAMBIGUITY. *** (found in the pages listed above or in the reading summaries). - The exchange of things in many cultures was literally an exchange of persons.  Revisiting the concept of ‘a part of a person/their soul’being integrated into the goods they produced.  Eg. Mona Lisa prints VS. The original Mona Lisa. - Marx claimed that objectified (embedded) in the commodity are the social relations of production.  Marx was focused on production as opposed to consumption or media.  Douglas stated: “Consumption reproduces social order.” - How things are produced also tell us about society. Both production and consumption make up society reproduction. p. 28 - Marx claimed that there is nothing mysterious about a commodity and its usefulness today.  Rather, the mystery lies within exchange-value.  Ex. Money • High abstrac
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