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University of Ottawa
Francois Charbonneau

Intercultural Cmn Cmn is the matrix which encompasses all human activity – Gregory Bateson Cmn can be defined as the practice of creating and exchanging meanings or symbolic resources (tools we use to cmn, ex. both verbal and nonverbal language) – Klyukanov (2005) Step 1 - Initial impulse – I need sugar for my coffee Step 2 - Assess the situation - the sugar is out of reach Step 3 - What are my options – how do I get the sugar Step 4 - Makes a decision Step 5 - Studies options Step 6 - Makes a decision based on study of options Step 7 - What are my options? Consider tone, intensity and gestures and how to properly deliver message Step 8 - Decides on simple tone and hand gesture Step 9 - Creates message Step 10 - Transmits message Step 11 - Paul receives message Step 12 - Paul must determine whether he will consider the message or not Step 13 - Paul makes a decision to receive the message Step 14 – Paul must interpret the message Step 15 – Paul has to decide how he will deal with the request Step 16 – Paul makes the decision to
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