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CMN 3144 Public Relations Multimedia Message Development & Cyber Relations in the Digital Age (SLIDE 2) The IDEA Idea - Based on Aristotle’s approach to message development - IDEA is a memory device: o Idea generation (discovering the right message) o Arrangement (organizing the message) o Expression (finding the best words and images) o Delivery (selecting the most effective media) (SLIDE 3) Idea Generation: The “I” of media - Ideas come out of the analysis of research o Critical thinking  Acronym COGS (C-comprehensive/O-objective/G- Goal Oriented/S-Systematic)  Critically paying attention to all the details o Creative Thinking  Going beyond what you think is reasonable (SLIDE 4) Critical Thinking Continued… - Platonic Dialectic o A systematic truth-seeking conversation created by Plato - Six Steps o 1. Specify the goal o 2. Define key terms and concepts o 3. Analyze o 4. Synthesize  Look for anything that forms or helps you achieve your goals (filtering information) o 5. Evaluate  Evaluate the quality o 6. Summarize (SLIDE 5) Aristotelian Causal Analysis - What is the subject? Put you subject in a logical order, tangible - Who and/ or what made the subject? Everything, the process, people, technologies etc. - What are the subject’s ingredients? Intangible objects, loyalties, relationships, values, etc. - What are the subject’s purposes? Consequences, etc. (SLIDE 6) Creative Thinking - The creation of unique and compelling ideas through a six step process: o Gather – Going beyond what you already know, new ideas, reading, expose yourself to new ideas o Percolate – Thinking about the information that you have gathered more critically and looking for any similarities, assimilate that knowledge o Incubate – Let your subconscious work, what went wrong, how people do things, will it work well or not? Rely on your own judgment o Await Eureka! o Reflect o Share – ask people if there are loop holes that you did not consider (SLIDE 7) Arrangement: The “A” of IDEA - Persuasive organizational schemes o Ultimate knowledge, organizing your message to your target  Make sure you know who your audience is, what your purpose is, what medium is needed **For Exam** remember Audience, Purpose, Medium o AIDA (Attention, interest, desire, and action)  Your message is supposed to be interesting, so you can get your audience’s attention - Informative organizational schemes – knowledge and nature of message when organizing what technique is needed (3 techniques below) o The inverted pyramid (neutral messages) – Press Release o Good news messages – less criticism, people won’t hold you accountable o Bad news messages – Damage control, decide if you need Press Release, etc. to provide further information, structured. (SLIDE 8) Expression: The “E” of IDEA - Ideas are transformed into words and images during this stage - Follow a 10-step process of writing and revision o 9. Evaluation – Never disregard how you arranged your message, what you could have done differently, what worked well for you and what didn’t work well o 8. Distribution – share the information with your target public/audience o 7. Approval – Get suggestions by others before approval of editor/seniors etc. o 6. Micro-editing – formatting, spelling, grammar o 5. Macro-editing – Are you succeeding in conveying your message properly. Your message must say what you are intending to say o 4. Revision – Delete any extra information o 3. Writing o 2. Organization/Arrangement o 1. Research/Idea Generation – Write a draft/outline, issues of topic, research (SLIDE 9) Writing for the Ear - Use short sentences. - One idea per sentence - Use concrete words and images - Use precise nouns and verbs - Spell out big numbers and provide phonetic spellings - Use traditional syntax (word order) - Link sentences and paragraphs with clear transitions - Attribution comes fir
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