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Mike Stasko

Different Kinds of Surveys September-23-13 5:48 PM Research Type Description Method Advantages Disadvantages Quantitative Paper Questionnaire -definitive -can't read writing (closed questions) answers -some choose not to answer -anonymity questions -no full participation -harder to hand out and get back -no room to expand on questions -not environmentally friendly Digital -easier to Questionnaires distribute Desk Research Qualitative Interviews Individual Interviews -chance to do -may lead to people pleasing follow up researchers (changing questions answers) -time consuming - Focus groups A group is given some - -one person rules the samples or examples of conversation (you might have products to discuss some people not participating) -susceptible to group think -imitation behaviour - Desk Research Panel Interviews 1) Yes, No, In between (in between- not a definitive answer) 2)yes or no-- 3. Vague- how to measure feelings?-not using qualities our adjectives about how you feel 4. Mike or professor-- 5. Appear and look --change in wording Quantitative survey-at least 10 questions, interview at least 10 questionaires Qualitative survey-5 questionaires -filler fake information -one you do for real--that will be your solution  The ones you make up should support what you did  Hand in a blank survey - show what you did  Some kind of pie graph or bar chart -focus group-list questions you had- key answers -key highlight answers for both of them Reading 3 and 4 October-07-13 5:05 PM Reading 3 -marketed as a 'family affair'  Marketing gets your pallete ready for something specific -more expensive then other films -Brick (less then a million) -second drug from drug enthusiasts  Playing to what the audience is reacting to -critics take back what they said about the film, and re-evaluate -MOON (david bowie's son) influenced by 2001: Space Odyssey Reading 4 -how radio stations would select songs -gather 40 people, rank 400 songs -top 250 play a lot -programmer: someone decides all the music playing- corporate - reinforcing dominant culture -medium is dead in the sense that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do -between 18-22 -that's when you get locked in to the type of music you're in (21-22 -kind of bands you were listening to are the kinds of music you will listen to later on in life) -18-22: what ever you do at that moment you lock into - Lecture -killing her softly music video  Piece of media is the song -decorated and packaged differently (music vide). Exact same product given to you a specific way will give different meanings to audience Affects of Advertising -certain applications of advertising that can't be ignored exam-talk about advertising and how it relates to audience research -argue pro or con that statement Audiences are completely free to ignore advertising therefore it can not brainwash people: disagree Advertising is economically necessary and has brought many benefits to society - let you know there is a product: million and billion jobs - you can't take away advertisement, if it never exisited/got this far then you could and society would still be okay  City in Germany where they took away advertisements and stop signs 1. Pros and Cons of advertising, how it does or does not affect economic force, what would happen if advertising did not exist, what would happen to society? Twin Peaks Case Study October-28-13 5:38 PM -first prime time soap opera ,first to include 'previously on', first to have multiple story lines 1)General Impressions -if we take a daytime soap opera and place it in a night time slot - what would happen? -one of first shows that would get a conductor to watch the show and write a score  Original for every episode -first time film maker came into the television world (artistic element --lights) -realistic moments -balance two dimensional and three dimensional characters 2)Circumstances as to why the show got cancelled **-what were the shortcomings that ultimately led to it's final 1)timeline switch from Wednesday to Thursday -nbs, cbc, cbs -when you only have three networks, not hard to pull audiences -if a show was doing really well, they would sandwich it between two shows that are doing bad -then when those shows did better, moved twin peaks to another day -show is more episodic or serial (episodic: simpsons; serial: twin peaks first prime time show that was 100% serial) (stuff that follows in the middle: big bang theory  Twin peaks is a sci-fi show-crazy elements - if you don't watch the episode before, you won't understand -1990- only 10% of homes had vcr , 1992,1993-50%, 1994 90%  Shows were only shown once (if you missed it, you were out of luck)  Moving it around because they didn't realize it was serial, so they were losing viewership with this time slot thing - there was a tv guide that would tell you when the shows on  Very easy to lose shows because of time shows (if you missed one, two or three episodes, you were completely lost)  -season 1-strong  First 7 episodes of season 2-strong  After that david lynch went to work on movie projects - created a 'bible' -write down every character-arc for the next five seasons - bible was not watched over all the time, episode 25 --- when they found it was getting cut-david lynch came back and tried to wrap it up nice (arc is somewhere else) -became something it wasn't supposed to because it ended early -why did twin peaks get cancelled 3)How is tv audienceship changing -what did twin peaks change about television (a lot of 'firsts' in this show)  X FILES, NORTHERN EXPOSURE- both have elements of twin peaks  Television was originally a copycat media for radio  Lost - set up -not everything has an answer, where twin peaks backs up everything  Fringe tangible tie ins to Twin Peaks  The Killing, remake of Twin Peaks  Vcr - what was once a disposable art form, is now able to be duplicated  150,000$ to put a commercial (Saturday night hockey game) Reading #7 + Television Genre November-04-13 6:37 PM -pointed out the idea that there is a difference between creating new action and the imitation of imitation -99.9% of the time, violent video game creates imitation - healthy thing- return to the womb, putting someone else in someone elses narrative -violence in middle ages and there was no violent tv and video games Television Genre - few mc from this (not about date --just questions about info) 1930 RKO-film studio- experiments with theater television in NY, bringing in up-to-date news and sportscasts to the movies. (seems obvious now to have dramas on TV, but at the time, the medium was so new). 1937 The coronation of King George VI and the Wimbledon tennis tournament are televised in England. Nine thousand sets are sold in London. Electronic television is still slow to come to the United States. The Communications Act of 1937, 47 U.S.C. 315, requires that stations provide equal time to all legal candidates for office if they gave time to any candidate. (Again, TV is such a new and unique and special medium at the time, only the most important events. The Medium is the Message. Big deal at the time). 1939 RCA's station W2XBS begins the industry's first regular schedule
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