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Melanie Mallet

1PRINCIPLES OF LEGAL RESEARCH CML 1101Major Winter Term AssignmentthDue On or before 430 pm March 25 2013 in Ftx 328Instructions Carefully read all four pages of the assignment before you begin your workRead and understand all instructions including the submission policy and adhere to them faithfullyThis is an independent assignmentYou are to work on your own You may only ask the Reference Librarians for general guidance on locating sources they will not provide you with any substantive answersDo not ask your Teaching Assistants for helpIf you have any questions about the assignment please see or email me Do not collaborate on your assignment this is academic misconductor cheating put simplyand will be sent for review and possible sanctionI was concerned and disappointed to learn of the academic misconduct in which some of you engaged during your January ADR courseIdentify yourself on your assignment by student number and small group professor only Do not include your name on this assignmentWrite in proper sentences and type your answers in 12point Times New Roman font using one inch margins and doublespaced linesInsert page numbersDo not embed your citations in your sentences use either footnotes or place your citations after each paragraphYou do not need to retype the questions but please indicate the question number beside your typed response Your assignment must not exceed five pages Failure to comply with the length or format requirements will result in my refusal to grade those portions of the assignment that do not comply with the length or format requirements as determined at my discretion having regard to the nature and extent of the noncompliance and its impact on the legibility of your assignmentSubmission PolicyPlease follow these instructions rather than those set out in the thcourse syllabusThis assignment is due on or before 430 pm on Monday March 25 2013You will submit a paper copy as you did your Fall term assignment in my office Ftx 328You will be required to sign a sheet attesting to the fact that you have submitted your assignmentYou do not need to email the assignment to the Secretariat in addition to submitting a paper copy to me
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