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Common Law
Meredith Rocchi

 Section 151 of the Criminal Code talks about sexual interference under the age of 16 years old  Our notion of crime is very well based upon what we are exposed to by the media, internet, movies, etc.  Television devotes a lot of focus on violent crime  In Canada, there are increased demands to put pressure on the punishments for criminals  The media promotes crime in a very exaggerated manner, it makes it seem as if the crime rate is going up by what they report, however, the crime rate is actually decreasing Example: If an employee steals money from the company that he works for, the employer might not want to make the matter public so they deal with it privately and therefore it is never added to be calculated within the crime rate so the crime rate can be biased. Stigma  Criminals may be stigmatized by the criminal law. Because of this, they may have a hard time finding a job Re-integration into society  If I am incarcerated in Ottawa and my family resides here, they will be able to come and visit me because it will certainly help me with my re-integration into society Canada’s Sworn Oath  In Nunavut if you commit a crime that warrants 2+ years, you must be sent to Ottawa to serve your jail time in a penitentiary because there are none available in Nunavut. There are no roads in Nunavut, you must fly to get around. The family will have a hard time going to visit the criminal in some cases and this poses a minor issue with the criminal’s re-integration into society.  There are different implications in terms of how successful one story is over the other Negative consequences on relying too much on the law Deterrence has 3 main principles: 1. The swiftness of the punishment 2. The severity of the punishment 3. The certainty of being caught  For some crimes, the manner in which you address the problem rather than the severity in which you deal with it is more effective to deter the criminal 3
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