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Lecture 6

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Sam Alvaro

Policing in Canada Origins of policing  Sir Robert Peel and 2 traditions of policing o During industrialization: rural --> urban  Steam engine, machinery evolves o Wanted to bring in police in 1812  Govt declined, because policing was seen as repressive o Policing before this: gendarmerie  State-centric (extension of power of the king) o Instead, goes to ireland and establishes the Royal Irish Constabulary (1812)  Military emphasis  Strong connection to Canada  Members of the IRC came to Canada during the irish famine and started policing there  Made from veterans  In military uniforms and arms  Barracked force:  Policed different areas than those that they are from (not attached to the community)  You live where you work o When back in london, creates the london metropolitan police in 1829 o London metropolitan police Royal irish constabulary 1829 1812 Civilian emphasis (not in military uniform)Military emphasis (in military uniform) Not armed Armed Not barracked Barracked Organization of the RCMP   Commisioner 1 Deputy commisioners 7 Assistant commissioners 26 Chief superintendents 59 Superintendents 157 Inspectors 398  Corps sergeant major 0 Sergeant major
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