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Sam Alvaro

Oct 31 2011 Violent Crime Violence and Society We do not associate attractiveness to murder and assault etc Pictures of womenall teachers who slept with their students Roots of ViolencePersonal Traits brain injuries mental illness abnormal brain wave patterns low intelligence psychotic symptoms etc Family Dysfunction family violence physical and sexual abuse physical punishment inconsistent disciplineDrugsAlcohol increases aggressionTrafficking creates disputesAddiction creates need for moneyFirearms AvailabilityExplains USCanada differencesIn Canada 14000 gunrelated deaths over 10 yearsMainly suicides 81 and accidentsSexual AssaultHistorical Masculinity Related IssuesWomen were viewed as property of menRape was offense against the father or husbandRape diminished the value of wife or daughter Rape and the Military Canadian and American Military Complaints of sexual assault in 1990sRape has long been associated with warfareWomen are considered to be spoils of warVietnam Bosnia Africa Incident of Sexual AssaultOnly 1 in 10 are reported to policeEmbarrassment selfflame mistrust of police Greater willingness to report as a result of public attitudesMost occur in summer and on weekends39 of women over 18 report having been sexually assaulted sometime in their lives
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