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Lecture 16

CRM1301 Lecture 16: Mar. 31, 2017

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Carolyn Gordon

Julia Quast CRM 1301 C March 31 , 2017 Psychological Positivism Sigmund Freud – 1856 to 1939 Father of Psycho Analysis – Freud’s “baby” The Case of Ana O: - 21 year’s old - nursing sick father - developed cough – no basis - became mute; when she talked again she only spoke English (native tongue is German) - father died; refused food - involuntary spasm, seeing things, paralysis - no physical causes - called Functional Disorder (speaking, paralysis) – no underlying causes - functional v. organic – underlying factors - when talking about memories became distressed - talking helped symptoms disappear - event  mute, eating disorder = correlation - root event, emotional attachment to it, talked about it, was released from it - functional disorders = repressing events into subconscious - psychoanalysis = talking cure Freud adopted the idea of the unconscious: There are 3 levels 1. Conscious - Top of the iceberg - What we are aware of - Present thoughts, fantasies 2. Pre-conscious - Shallow water - Available memory - Stored knowledge - Unaware in present, but readily available 3. Unconscious - Most important - deepest, largest - Unaware, but impacts our conscious - Cannot retrieve via ordinary retrieval - Need help to get it to conscious level - Motives, fears, irrational, immoral, trauma, shameful Theory of Personality: Presented in Chronological Order The Id: Pleasure Principle - Primitive - Entirely conscious - Our will to live, desires, urges, impulses - Feels good - Immediate satisfaction - Max. pleasure, min. pain - No sense of reality - Babies (age) The Ego: Reality Principle - Worldly interaction - Part of conscious - Rational, problem solving - Delayed gratification - Understanding - Ego must mediate between Id and Super ego - 2-3 years The Super-Ego: - Primarily unconscious in its operation - Contain consciousness within morals, etc. - Develops when a child forms a parental attachment - Right v. wrong - Internalized ego- conscience - Devil = Id, angel = Super-Ego Key Assumptions of Psychoanalytical Theory: - What is psychic determinism? The expression of the [subconscious] mind - Freudian slip = when you say one thing, but your unconscious reveals what you’re really thinking How do we reveal our subconscious? - Free association: saying the first thing on our minds without hesitation - The Talking Cure - Couch therapy: sharing whatever is on your mind in a comfortable environment - Dream
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