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thCriminologyNov 8 John Stuart MillSits in the middle of classical and positivist How free are we as people We have to hide behind words because we dont want to say a certain thing We have banned the word Nigger Racial issues LibertyPlace of liberty in societyFreedom of speech presupposes that it can be offensive The journal of criminal law volume 98Similar concerns with Locke we can think of Mill as the grandson of Liberalism In many ways he is interested in the same things as Locke Liberty as a concept or a right is only rational when it is tied to something The only difference Liberty is not a product of principle law None of this has to do with nature Principles of nature are not subject to thinking they dont emerge out of rationality and thinking Once we find principle of justice they stay they can never change they are always thereMill doesnt like the idea of things being concrete he wants things to change Principle of natural law do not changeThings dont come out of nature or a contractMill and Bentham rights make sense and are tied to and dependent on utility Utility is the ultimate appeal on all ethical questions exact same as Bentham
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