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thCriminology Nov 29 If you are not white then you are problematicBased on the way you look someone can tell if you will be a criminal or notIf you are a classical criminologist to reduce crime you should make the punishment more severe than the crimeScience gives me the tools to look at somebody and look at their features and tell you if they are good or bad LombrosoPositivist criminologist18701900 has presidence Two Camps1Strict biological explanations to crime2Sociological biological explanations to crimeFrist campPhysiognomyJohan Casper Lavater 17411801 faceJudging someone based on how they look The face tells a lot of information about who you are women who have facial hair are dodgy and men who dont have facial hair are also dodgy If you have a shifty eyes a weak chin and an arrogant nose then you are problematic PhrenologyFranz Joseph Gull 17581828skullYour skull tells a lot about your character and what you are thinkingSkull is the way to get into the mindBrain tells us a lot about your mindExterior shape of the skull tells us the interior shape and what is going on Franzcomes up with 26 facalities of the brain They include friendliness combativeness destructiveness cautiousness self esteemHe breaks down the 26 into 3 groups1Lower active propensities 2Moral sentiments3Intellectual and faculties Crime lies in the lower active part of the brainMoral sentiments and intellectual and faculties keeps the lower active propensities in check and when they cant you are more likely to commit crime
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